Monday, June 22, 2015

How to find the best stocks in the market?

How to find the trend is the biggest question of the stock market and most stock analytics are trying to find the best stocks to invest.  It may not be easy to find the right stock but however if you can find the trend and top stocks under the market conditions, then you are rich.  Every day one of the sector becomes the top sector and remains in green for a long time and one stock in the top sector performs well the next day.

It is necessary to learn about the stock market patterns or the chart patterns to analyses the stock market better. Charts are used in daily life by top stock analysts and volume remains the most important factor to consider when it coming to trading. When you have the buying volume and selling volume along with the stock trends, then you are correct 75% times.  It is the intuition in picking the stocks that is more necessary and it will be developed after paper trading.
Daily you can take the print out of the chart patterns which are in candlestick patterns. I will explain about candlesticks patterns in another blog post.  But for now we stick to the chart patterns, chart patterns are simple and easy to learn patterns. These are chart patterns made by every stock and how to we read them is the end result. I can suggest a book for you to understand the stock patterns or chart patterns clearly.

Stikky charts

“Stikky charts” is one book that impressed me. You can read this book in quick time and after reading this book you will never see charts the same way. This helps to manipulate any chart and guide you from learning about buy or sell.  You will make clear decisions in buying or selling the stock.  Without charts there are no stock markets and every time you turn on the TV or watch the news, you hear a lot about charts and stock figures. With clear examples and clear ideas it makes easy to understand the chart patterns.  You get an idea about double bottom or double top, head and shoulder pattern and much more. Most importantly the book comes with real world examples and ideas to help your stock knowledge .This are the best book on stock markets to start with and must have. 


The trading methodologies of W.D. Gann

This is the important book that I would suggest to anyone who wants to learn stock markets from the basics. W.d.gann had given the number theory than no one else before. The stock market is full of numbers and he has propounded a theory called the Gann theory to analyze the markets better and made extra ordinary results. This theory holds good even now after 50 to 60 years after his finding.  The author clearly explains the best examples and written in simple manner even for a layman to understand. You can buy this book through the link given. 

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