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Learn about crypto trading

crypto trading is super easy and when you know the tricks of trade, you keep on making profits. I was clueless about crypto currency trading initially and I found a course on udemy which gives you the exact blueprint for success. Most people think that crypto trading is too tough but if you focus on the basics and put extra effort, everything becomes easy Basics+ Extra effort = success initially I would keep on making losses and roam without a strategy but things are a bit easier. My focus is to make $30 each day from crypto and that's all I need. I am planning to make it $100 in the future, crypto trading is like golden goose and it keeps on laying eggs. most people want to buy 1 bitcoin and get rich overnight which never happens. Be systematic and focus on making $100 and call it a day. To become a doctor, you spend 5 years and a lot of money for your education. But for crypto trading,you want to become one overnight. If you want to learn about technical analy
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Live trading 0.1btc into 1btc in 12 days

If you are good at trading and can make profits on regular basis then you become a successful trader. Why I love crypto-trading??  the reason is that there is so much opportunity out there. People are flocking to alts and bitcoin because you can make quick bucks. It's not just about quick bucks but to create consistent returns over time. What are the popular trading techniques?? 1. RSI  - this is the best technique out there and you can start making money if you learn this. 2. Volume conformation 3. MACD - the second best technique next to RSI all these are indicators and the price action decides the trend and trade.  What should you do?? How can you learn this?? trading is not gambling and trading is practice. If you follow one technique and stick to it for lifetime, you are sure to make profits. People want only money but not technique, which sounds difficult. Keep learning and keep pushing, you get the profits easily. Crypto currency market has a lot of opportu

Why afternoon trade is profitable?

Trading is risky but not bad to take it as profession full time. There are people who are crypto currency traders who are glued to the screen all the time.   Time and volume can’t be ignored because it when mastered rightly would change the life of an ordinary trader to a super-rich guy within few months. Stock trading is not a casino machine but if you have a strategy in place, you keep getting the positive results. Afternoon trades are like the ending scene of the movies. After the interval block, the audience are curious about the end of the movie. You know the characters well and you can predict the trend of the movie. Why don’t you apply the same with the stocks? There are many ideas on how to pretend the trend and one of the simple key factor is the EMA. A simple 10 day EMA on 5 minute charts would give the clue. If you have time, then check out the courses that would help you learn the basics of trading. You shouldn’t try trading with a stop-loss and that’s the bonus

How to prepare watch-list?|trending stocks எவ்வாறு கண்டுபிடிப்பது

Here is a wonderful tip for you. It's about creating a watch-list.  How can you day trade better using this method. I made a video about this I have explained the core principle of trading only the trending stocks. you should be trading stocks that are profitable End of the day. Breakout strategy is what we use and it works all the time. If you haven't learnt about the turtle trading strategy then learn that method which is popular, it's a old technique relevant today.

Investing in stocks - the complete course

I found a 11 hour course on udemy everything about stocks. Investing is simple and complex at the same time. We all believe it's too tough but it's easy while we think it's easy and it's the opposite. 10 hours of teaching is more than enough to keep you busy this week. How many hours are you putting into earning more money. I found a course where 37000 students enrolled to the course and it can be fake!! Take time to get this course and practice for 11 hours  ( ofcourse you will have to do more stuff) but as a practice just start with 11 hours to get to complete this course first. Swing trading and positional trading are the two types of trading that we come across, get to learn the methods from this course.  does finding the volatility of stock help you in investing? There are many ideas from investing as they are plenty of books and numerous ways to deal with it. what's the one thing that impressed me from this course? it's not the reviews but t

How do you pick trades?

How are you making the trades each day? do you prepare earlier and wait for the right time to make a trade? or randomly picking the stocks ?  You should have a scanner before you can start your day. The scanner is  a simple tool where you can input your criteria and pick the good ones for the next day. Most people trade random without knowing the deep of the market and lose their hard earned money. have you practiced reading the chart with naked eye? it does work and you need to practice this art. Selling some products online is an art and similarly trading online is an art. you must have patience and learn how to overcome fear or greed. Most people are worried about their trades and never multi-task. Trading stocks from office is a big NO and never get addicted either, all you need is to trade once or twice each day. It;s more than enough to practice this way for long term. There is no magical screener that can bring you good opportunities before your eyes. There were many tradin

Don't change the rules

To trade effectively we need a trading system and it doesn;t mean buying fancy computers with 2 large screens to watch the prices appear in green and red. It means to have a plan and what's your trading plan? We all love this idea of copying other people's plan and believing we can make money quick. It doesn't work that day because you don't understand the strategy fully. Only few people do understand their trades and become successful each time. Do you have a plan or routine? what's your trading routine? it's not just looking at the prices and dreaming to yourself that the prices would move in your favour. We create a plan initially and we would start to change the rules each time, it's not going to work. Because the rules are rigid there is very less dynamic factors to it. If you want to get rich trading stocks, just understand the system.It can take one year to 2 years or more than 10 years. But don't stop the learning process. There are plenty o