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100 Satoshis profit is all you need

I am taking about trading crypto currencies and not investing. Yes investing takes a lot of time and you need to wait patiently. It can take up to one year or 3 years or even more. What should you do instead? Look for right opportunities at the right time, If you have followed my Book "Altcoin Investor", you will be to read charts easily and find the good trades.

Find the right trades at the right time!

Stop worrying about the time frames because we can't judge the markets rightly. It can take years of practice and you can miss the right trades in few bad decisions.  Lots of books explain this about picking the wrong stock and losing all the money.

Stop worrying about the profits too, be the investor and trader. Have two accounts , one for trading and other for long term. Making profits is easy when you have the right mindset and follow your discipline. Lot of us miss the discipline and this makes us lose all the money.

When I get profits in Cryptos or with stocks, I mo…
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Japanese Candlesticks - trading and investing

Japanese are the best experts in the stock market. There are many other methods but the candlestick patterns have got the first place with analysing the chart. If you know to read the charts, then you are the master of stock market. Every technical analyst must know things that are related to fundamental analysis also because you can't judge the future price of the stock.

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Japanese were once rice traders and they have the strong idea about stock markets. It was the technique of the eastern countries. People loved to speculate the future prices of stock market easily with candle stick patterns. Another interesting tip with stock market is choosing the right industry. There are different businesses in the stock market , so each can take a lot of time to understand. How to choose the right industry to invest your money?

Suppose the markets are at the peak and you have invested with metal stocks. The metal industry is always at the lowest point and you may not get…

Rentberry And Digitex Futures ICO - Investing And Mistakes

This  is a case study about ICO investing. I had invested in 10 ICO's last year and I looked different parameters before investing. I was keen about the idea of the project, once when you have a strong idea that solves the problem of 1000 people or 1 million people, then the project becomes a huge success. I invested in two ICO's namely

1. Digitex Futures

2. RentBerry

I invested in rentberry through a platform called cryptonomos and the bitcoin prices were at the peak. ( Yes I used bitcoin to buy in the ICO) Cryptonomos provided an option to buy with either bitcoin or ethereum.  It's down 90 percent from my invested price , should i hold or sell it?? if I could sell it , I would be at loss. I am planning to average my losses by buying in bulk ( I could be wrong too but I am risking a little of money)

I don't use the extra money from my pocket. I would rather use the profits from Digitex Futures. There is a good news with this token and you can look at the chart. It…

Will Ethereum Price Move Higher? 1900$??

The worst is already over and last week remains the toughest week for Ethereum , where the price dropped to 172$ which was lowest point after it touched to 1400$ in Jan 2018. There are some news and speculation that by next year it can go up to 1900$. I am not sure but hopeful of 500$ in Ethereum any time. We are at the bottom with the crypto currency prices and we could see a spike in the prices before end of the year.

The reason for the bearish sentiment in Ethereum could be from EOS moving to their own block chain and another negative news is from ICO
You can create smart contracts with Ethereum, which can make any transaction easier and get your work done.
Crypto currencies are the future and if you aren't sure where to start, then  Full crypto currency course  ( this is the basics and if you want to learn to be the Ethereum developer, then check out the course below)
Building with Block chain  for developers 

Ethereum has the strong price target of 1000$ in the near term , it&…

Mercatox - Another Crypto Exchange - 2018

Crypto exchanges are popular these days and if you haven't started yet then this is your time to start investing in crypto currencies. Bitcoin and Ethereum decide the price of all other crypto currencies. There are around 1300 crypto currencies and out of which few of them are great projects while others are repetitive projects.

When choosing a crypto currency to invest, find the unique idea to invest. It can be a simple idea to start but think about the future of that crypto in another few years. I would suggest you following the Warren Buffett Idea to invest and there is a great book called as the "Intelligent Investor". It can be the eye opener for you and it's the new way to invest in stocks or in crypto currency markets.

Mercatox is a easy platform for crypto currencies. If you have invested in bitcoin years back , it's now at 6000$ price range after touching 19000$ last year. There is a right time to invest in real estate or in crypto currencies. This could…

Photoshop - The basics to complete

Haven't you learnt Photoshop yet? I was planning to learn this after college and still I haven't started to learn Photoshop. Because I can't get enough tutorials or I couldn't find time to browse different videos on YouTube. This year's plan for me was to learn Photoshop basics and start to design Logo and Posters.

Photoshop for everyone - LINK

Logo designing is the first step to creating any digital media. If you have a name , then you need to have a logo design. If you look at fiverr or ( Just sign up using my affiliate link here ), you can get more offers for work daily. On an average you can get up to 10$ or 15$ in the long run. This is worth doing and start slowly today with learning Photoshop.

You can design posters, logo designs, touch up a photo and make more money as side hustle. You cannot expect quick results but within a few months, you would be able to do it.

Another Easy idea is to start using , a popular website which help yo…

Stock Market Magic - Udemy Course

To get started with the stock market, you should know the basics. If you want to be a doctor , you should have 5 years of practice and study. But with stock market, no one takes effort to learn new stuffs. Many of us learn the hard way from losing money from the market. Making money from stock market is purely by understanding the basics and understanding the psychology of the crowd.

"Sell more when others buy and Buy more when others sell" - If you would ask me the best time to buy then I would say when the market has crashed badly and when the TV screens are flashing in red.  When others fear to buy, you should buy more. Some people do the mistake of picking the worst stocks during the crash and your money disappears.

Look for the top 50 companies and that's more than enough. Rarely some of them are multi-baggers but don't worry about the buying at the right price which you can't and its never possible.

Here is a course about stock market basics - called stock…