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VIX trading for Intraday?

VIX is volatilty index , many of us think and we start to trade looking at the VIX index. but only when you pick the winners for the day , you are on the safer side. otherwise this is going to be a bad trade. one good way to learn trading is to start losing and recovering the money back from the markets.

The VIX book is available on amazon, 
written in simple english suitable for everyone. VIX can be calculated everyday and it can be done by you too. there is not much confusion when it comes to the calculation. only when the support and resistance breaks, the trade happens  else nothing can bring movement in the market. we are not worried about the consolidation phase and we are thinking about only the uptrend and downtrend.
Reading the book was wonderful with simple minute tricks for the trader. Having read plenty of trading books from wiley trading this book would be an Eye opener for many traders. There must be some practical examples from Google Finance but it is plain which is a …