Thursday, June 25, 2015

Investing must start at twenty

Investing money from young age can be high rewarding and make your retirement safe.  Most people don’t like to invest their money in finance related instruments. Rather they buy new house or new car and enjoy with their family.  According to warren buffet, investing in stock market has to be continuous process and must start from an early stage.  He was the pioneer in investing the money on right time and right moment. He started investing on stock markets from very young age and considers it to be late.  He has the vision of building bigger empire and making more money even at young age.  Many people do not love to invest in stock markets, because of the risk involved in it.  They fear that it would erode the capital investment.

Not many people make or made money like Warren Buffett and fear to invest in financial related instruments. The best thing he suggests is not to be a trader but to be an investor and that has to start from younger age.  You can learn much about it from the book “the warren Buffett way “which can be purchased from .Stock market is a continuous process and there is nothing to be called as trend. The trend is ever changing and there is always different trend for a stock for the past 10 years. If you look a stock for over a period of ten years, it exhibits different trends. You can find the same using the Google finance.  Warren Buffett also suggests the book called as “intelligent investor”, this greatly helps any investor to make investment in the stock market.

 It is always good to look out for the financial investment that has minimal risk or less risk than any other investment.  This has been followed by Warren Buffett for many years and still in practice. To identify the low risk investment needs intuition, practice and well knowledge on the business involved. It is necessary to know about every part of the business where the risk is less and to know about how money is made in a business can help you picking the right stocks.  When you start an investment, even before you start a family, then it becomes very easy to run your family and managing funds would become very easy.

Being rich involves three things to consider, one is to manage funds, second is to manage people and third to manage your time and health.  Every entrepreneur must follow the above conditions for better future.  It is necessary to keep in pace with the things that attracts people, it is necessary to understand about computers. Buffett learnt about computers in the year 1994 and that was the peak time for internet and networking.   We always knew that simple things make huge difference in life and we forgot to look after those simple things.  If you look at the investments, his carefully invested 12 investments have made the huge difference in the 40 years.  It is good that he had made the right decisions at the right time.  It is analysis of the future and nature of business can bring more demands in the future and investment in one such idea can make you millionaire.

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