Friday, July 3, 2015

Stock market astrology: How to profit from stock trading?

Astagavarga system is an important branch of astrology which can be used for better prediction. It is known that astrology can be used for stock market prediction. And every astrological sign would be favorable or unfavorable for speculation in stock trading or stock investing.  Everyone relying on financial news may not be the right choice. Stock market is like any other business. There are books on stock markets and financial astrology. You may check it from my book section or use the link at the end of the post.

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Many people also suggest tarot reading before making any investment. Horary astrology can be also of great importance.  Adopting these methods can ensure profits and also not losing your money through speculation.  Most people look out for daily horoscope but they may not be of greater importance and work for you. Because the sun signs and moon signs are common and most people in the world have it. Divide the population in to 12; you will get the remaining number of sun sign individuals.  Hence, it may not be a practical usage in comparing with sun signs alone as there are millions of people born in that month.

It is necessary for individual methods and analysis of individual horoscope becomes vital. Entrepreneurs and industrialist consult astrologers making an investment or selling their valuables. It is good to learn astrology, because it is calculation, analytics and intuition.  This can help you in the times of turmoil and during making wise decision in the field of stock market.  In future, there are people who will guide you in making better investments through the help of astrology.

There are many branches of astrology followed in different countries. What may work for someone, may not work for others. It is good to study, analyze and master the art of stock trading and astrology. Even the Gann theory used the degrees, which is in the basis of astrology.  There are three factors in stock trading or investment namely time, price and volume.  If you want to study about time, you must learn astrology because time factor of stock market has its roots in astrology.

Every planet in astrology is a representation of commodity of the stock market. Mercury indicates communication, software. Jupiter indicates bank or financial related business.  Kethu indicates natural gas, rahu indicates chemicals. Moon indicates accounting, exports or imports and much more.   The nakshatra of the moon on a particular decides the commodity, which would have the prices to be more than usual or lesser by selling. The moon position asks like the tides causing wavering in the stock market and in the minds of the people trading.  Clear understanding of the astrology and stock market can bring good fortune! Good Luck!

Financial astrology ebook from amazon

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