Monday, April 4, 2016


Modified SAR Trading

How i use stop and reverse to Make more profits?

Most traders are always glued to their computer screen and what if there is amazing technique or tool to predict the stock market ahead of time. Traders must look out for indications before one day and trading can be profitable. Many traders are too much stressed before they aren’t informed about the losses and there is no systematic approach in the market. Every index in the stock market would have 500 to 700 stocks and not all of them are bullish.
Finding a list to trade for the next day would be the best option. There are numerous technical analysis which can be used to predict the stock moment in advance. But one of the simplest and widely used Technical tool would be the SAR (Stop and Reverse method). A stock can be bullish or bearish, the following day and can be well predicted in advance using the Modified SAR values.
Support and Resistance are the terms you will have to note down when trading a stock. You might be familiar with the support, resistance, Lower high and Higher high to predict the stock prices easily. The values can be real-time or EOD depending on the user’s view. The book is available on Amazon and easily explains why you must be using the SAR trading

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