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Top Budgeting Apps for Android and IOS

These days there are apps to save your time. Whether you are in debt or saving money for a specific goal, you can try the budget apps which help you to reach your financial goals. Listed below are some of the top apps. Personal Finance 

This is the app that received so much acclaim due to the easy controls and saving time. apps connect to all of your accounts immediately and you can check the net position quickly. You can categorize your spending, check balances, pay bills and check your budget. You can set reminders for low account balance and upcoming payments notifications. You can sync your laptop, android phone and tablet, which can be later, changed and remove from the settings if you lose them. It is free and available with iTunes and Google play store.

Easy Envelope Budget Aid 

This is a high end app that is used for tracking your regular and irregular expenses. You record your spending and the app maintains the total. You can every time check the balance before spending. There is no need of adding your bank accounts and make it risk. The data is stored online and there is fear of data loss, you can get back the data whenever you want. The app is synced with all devices, so you can maintain it easily. It is available free from iTunes and Google play store.


This app is formerly called as EEBA; this is great app to start with which is based on cash flow. The money can be allocated and put into envelopes similar to actual envelopes every month which is old fashioned and easy. You can understand the spending habits in every area of your life. The timeframes can be changed accordingly to every month or week or monthly or every two weeks. You can also track at irregular times when the spending is not routine. This is a free app, available for both android and IOS devices.


The app starts with few questions about your financial goals. You can sync up your bank accounts, which are very secure.  It is not for short term and doesn’t work like a financial planner or advisor but it guides you about money. You can sync many bank accounts after several rounds of email confirmations. It works directly with the financial institution tracking every credit and debit transactions just like Mvelopes.

After the syncing process, it functions much similar to GoodBudget. It uses the envelope system and you need to define the income and a fixed budget has to be allotted before spending the same. This way you get to know who much money you have in your account and the reasonable budget you maintain for the same. You are now spending the money on your budget rather than the actual net income. This is a free app available for Android and IOS.

Bill Guard

Bill guard is the new budget app, which helps you understand your spending habit and protects you from unauthorized transactions. First you need to sync your bank account, after you had done that. You can quickly see your total balance and amount you have spent this month. The goals set by the app are correct and true to the needs of the users.
Swipe right if you made a transaction and swipe left if you didn’t make it. It stays there actually.  Your inbox would show emails when you have made transactions. If you swipe left, the pop up screen appears with the following (Help me, report/contact, follow up later)
Choose the last option, when you don’t have time or busy at the moment. After you had made any transaction. You can see in the all tab and the transactions listed with merchant name, type of purchase, date, amount spent. This app is free for Android and IOS.

Pocket Expense

This app gives you a visual outlook on your spending and you can track your spending. You can create your fixed budget. This app however does not sync with the bank accounts, you should manually enter all the transactions. You can check your savings and enter how much you want to spend from there. The credit numbers are shown in green, while the debts and expenses are shown in red. You can also add multiple accounts and check them quickly. You can look the expenses per day, per week, month or any time. This way you can check your spending breakdown. This app is free and can be downloaded for Android and IOS.


This app is superb; it is clear and easy to navigate. The home screen displays the dollar amounts, accounts, budget, income and expenses. The expenses are displayed as a percentage of income with total balance and color coded, which is easy to understand. This app is easy to navigate unlike the other apps. Payees search and reports are the three tabs you could see at the end of the screen.
This is much helpful for the freelancers by entering the client name along with the date or description. You can look at the reports table if you want further information. You can check month to month spending, accounts and budgeting. If some people are paying your regularly you can add them to the payees section. The search option in the app is truly amazing, you can quick search something whether it is a check or a client you forgot the details of the same. Just search the client name and you will get a pop up message. There are two versions of this app for android and IOS. The elite version is free and the IOS version is 5.99$


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